Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am honestly so very grateful for piles and piles of things this Thanksgiving day. I have a healthy, happy family. We have good jobs, a roof over our head that I constantly redecorate, and food (albeit uninspired) on the table each day. I am so very lucky to have good friends, and feel blessed that I've been able to spend time on my crafty endeavors - whether it be actually doing projects, or simply being inspired by all the creativity I find out in blog land. All this said, I'm particularly grateful today that I am not hosting or traveling far for Thanksgiving. Extremely bad form, I know, to show how selfish and sloth-ish I am today, but I am still in my jammies and sipping coffee at 11 o'clock today. Bliss. We are heading to Dave's sister's house later today... just across town. Since I was feeling so giddy to not have to do any of the hard work this year, I did make a hostess gift for Jody. I feel confident (and guilty) that she'll be too busy this morning to see this post, in the odd chance she were to visit the blog, so I'll show you all the apron I made her. Here it is...

This is from the A is for Apron book. In the book, this pattern is called "Kaleidoscope", and the pin tucks and contrasting fabrics are what really drew me to it. I made one of these a while back for a swap, so this one came together pretty quick. My only issue was that copied pattern from the copy shop was not quite right - I'm guessing the measurements were a bit off - specifically the trim was not long enough. I just traced the bottom of the main apron pattern itself,measured up 3" or so, and made the trim that way.

The pin tucks on the obi belt are not hard, just a bit tedious, but they really add a fun element to the apron. It is made to be worn up high on the waist, so that you stay clean while leaning into counters or tables.

The ties have 2 vintage buttons each on the ends. I deliberately mismatched all 4 of them. I went to my favorite "go to" fabric combination (surprise) - Zazu by Tina Givens. Love these 2 together... and they seemed fall-esque, thus appropriate for Thanksgiving.

I'd better be off... I may have finally gathered up enough energy to do some dishes and make beds. Love me a good lazy morning! Happy Thanksgiving all! Eat lots, share some wine, revel in family and friends and count blessings! That is my agenda for the day.

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