Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday gift for my Mom

Since we are on day 3 of Dave gone a-hunting, there has been more sewing going on than usual around here. It helps that it was beautiful outside, so the monsters are playing "dinosaur hunter" and "camping" in the back yard, while I get my sewing groove on. I finished my mom's slightly belated Birthday gift today. Heck, it is still her Birthday month, so it is not really all that late.

My mother may have mentioned awhile back she wanted a Lickety Split bag... so the pattern (Made by Rae pdf pattern- love it) was easy to choose. Fabric selection was a bit more of a dilemma. I hemmed/hawed over what fabric to use for either side of this reversible bag. She is not a fan of LOUD funky fabric (ahem... like me...), and does not care for my vintage stuff, so most of my fun fabrics were out. She does love quality fabric... in fact she cringes that I buy fabric online when I can't actually touch it first. I ended deciding to use some fabric she bought for me on her last trip to Hawaii for one side. She loves tropical prints and it is such a nice fabric... is it kind of "regifting" to make her something of it? Oh well, she won't care. While scrounging through the stash of fabric I own for the other side, I bumped into some printable photo paper. I had used it to make these bags a few months ago. It triggered some inspiration and I decided to print out some pictures of her 4 grandkids and put them on as pockets. Then it was easy to decide on some off-white corduroy fabric for the body of the bag... so as to not draw too much attention away from the cute kids. I was extremely lucky to have photos on hand that Brooke (Tadpole Photography) took of both sets of kidlets last year. Love her shots! Here is the Hawaii side.

Here is the corduroy side. From this angle, you get just a peek of the pockets, a "tease" if you will. But if she were walking at you with the bag, you'd see whatever pocket is forward. She can decide which grandkids are her favorite for the moment each time she uses it. She'd like that...

Here is the pocket with my niece and nephew on it.

And finally, the one with my beasties on it.

Rowan had to take her Gooma's bag for a spin as well. Looks beachy to me.

I am thinking maybe a nap now (if I can convince the kids to partake as well) and them more sewing??

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Suzanne said...

I love the pictures on the pockets!