Monday, October 19, 2009

Vintage Swap Joy

I received my Vintage Swap package from Kiran today. Honestly, the swap gifts were so PERFECTLY me. For real. Buttons in a glass jar (sigh), a vintage homemade 1/2 apron, as well a vintage apron pattern, an embroidered tea towel and a dainty hot pad... It could make a grown woman (vintage loving one at that) shed a small tear of joy. On top of the vintage goodies, she threw in a jar of Grapefruit Lemon marmalade and a recipe for some homemade white bread. Both of these look so good, that I think Wednesday morning, before G goes to school, just may be baking time. Delish...

Here is a picture of the entire package....

Hooray for buttons!
Here is a shot of the vintage pattern (excuse the glare please). Isn't it fun??
I should have taken a few more shots of the individual items, but I was too busy putting everything in the perfect places. The button jar went to live with my others - now forming a cute, close knit little community of buttons. The apron was hung from the apron tree in my kitchen. All the better to grab one and use it, I say. The towel got a prominent spot hanging on the oven door handle... everything so perfect.

I'm not sure if Kiran got what I sent yet - so in case she is reading, this is your SPOILER ALERT. I'll be posting picture of what was sent your way last week now. Read at your own discretion! I'm guessing she should have the package any day now... should probably check the tracking number tomorrow just in case though....
Kiran had written that she liked vintage linens - and used them in both the bedrooms and kitchen. She also recently got a sewing machine. I myself love a vintage sheet - either for sewing or for using as an actual sheet (I know, the irony). While thrifting, I found a yellow twin sheet with a cute edge. I confess to thinking little girl pj pants when I spotted it, but it could be so many things :) I also picked up a little fall themed tablecloth. Looks to be homemade - hope it works for her house. I rounded things off with a yard of ribbon and 3 vintage embroidered hankies. I had one hankie in my stash and found the other 2 while out thrifting. I deliberately went with the embroidered ones as I know she has hankies of her own. I am surprised with how often I find duplicates in vintage goodies, and did not want to give her something she already had. I wrapped up the goodies in tissue paper and used vintage sewing notions to decorate the packages.... thinking the snaps and what not may come in handy with the new machine in use.
Here is the package all wrapped up.

And, unveiled. Did not realize how "yellow" it looks until now :)

This swap was so much fun. I have loved reading the blogs of all the other swappers. I confess to finding some comfort in discovering others that love vintage as much as I do.... I'm not as "odd" as I may feel some days. Or, maybe I am, but at last I have awesome company!

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Heather said...

How wonderful. I hope that you enjoy!