Saturday, October 3, 2009

Very belated gift...

I felt justified in asking for a day of sewing today- it being my birthday and all. We are having a spell of terrible weather - rainy, dreary, cold... blah. Perfect sewing weather though, so I was able to finish a gift for my Aunt Nancy's birthday - which occurred just under a month ago. Ironic that I finished her birthday gift on my birthday, huh? She mailed me a fantastic package last week - some retro oilcloth and a corrugated metal pig (I'll blog it later - you gotta see it to believe), so the guilt was KILLING me.

With one of the amazing family pictures that Brooke took of Nance's family when they were home this summer, I made up another Tadpole photo tote. I used printable fabric for the photo and Tina Givens Cloe's Imagination fabric for the exterior. The interior is some thrifted floral fabric - I added 2 large pockets inside and I closed it with a magnetic clasp.

Because she did not *love* my corsage shirt of last week, I am passively aggressively trying to change her mind. I found a clearance shirt at Target this week, and I added a mini corsage to the neckline out of some thrifted knit fabric.

Maybe a smaller flower will change her mind?

This will all be popped in the mail Monday morning - along with a vintage pillowcase. She liked this shirt I made, and since I had the matching pillowcase, I thought she could make her own to match (if she wants!). Happy belated Nancy!

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