Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scrappy Scarves

Sew Mama Sew is hosting Scrap Buster Month this month. They are posting daily ideas on things to make using your scraps. I have a plethora of scraps and the posting of a patchwork scarf over there is adorable. Add that to the 50 degree weather of late we've had, and I was sold. Rather, Rowan and I were both sold. Due to some misadventures had by Griffin today, it was a "no TV" night around here, so Rowan was actually bored enough to want to bond with me a smidge. I had her pick out the scraps she liked first. While I manned the iron (why oh why would I use those words together in a sentence? "Man the iron"? HA! Dave isn't even sure we have one... let alone how it works! Oh, but I digress...), Rowan organized her scraps. She sat on my lap while I did the pedal and she fed the fabric through the machine - lifting the foot for me when needed and cutting the thread. She picked purple fleece for the back side of her scarf, so she can stay toasty warm. For the first time EVER she was sewing with me. I am not naive enough to think it will be a daily activity now, but she did great and is excited to wear her new scarf to school tomorrow. Baby steps. Here is Rowan scarf.

I opted to "bust" some thrifted quilt squares (kind of scraps) I picked up a while back for my scrap busting scarf. I chose all blues and reds - and backed it with some thrifted aqua knit fabric I found last week. I did not want a bulky, heavy scarf. I am fairly warm blooded and don't need the heat that the scarf produces, I just like the way it dresses up a coat. I think it turned out fairly retro-funky. A bit grandmarm-y, but I love it.

Here is a close up of one half...

And the other.

Much too tired and late to blog my nighttime look for y'all. But I wanted to show the size of it on. (I have a couple friends who crack up when I cut off my face/head in pics I post - so this is for you guys! Believe you me, it is a favor :))

Now I'm off to vacuum up the zillion threads on the floor... nighty night!


Leamonteach said...

Nice scarves, and so nice to have kid time! I found that pj pants were the catch for my younger son: he loves snuggly fabric and bright colors, so we would pick out material together and then, in slow fits and starts, make him a pair. . . . and then a year later, . . ..another pair. . . . But he's 13 now and really can whip up a pair for himself when he wants/needs to! AND my older son has been known to make some for his FRIENDS as b'day gifts when we find the perfect fabric. So even tho R might not become a "sewist" instantly, those seeds are settling in. Yay!

... said...

what a great way to use and display some of your favorite fabrics.

Heather said...

Love it! That is so cute. Thanks for sharing

Thudin said...

Cute scarfs Em and
Happy Birthday Month !!

Emily said...

Thanks all :)