Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a quick thrift stop

I don't think I've mentioned the Vintage Swap I joined a few weeks ago. The premise being we pair up with a fellow vintage lover and swap goodies. I've had much fun perusing all the blogs of the swappers - these ladies are talented folks who love vintage goodness as much as I do. While these ladies are seemingly quite wonderful, I am blaming them for my purchase (OK, purchasES) today of some vintage baking dishes and bowls. It wasn't until I started seeing some of the collections of Pyrex or Corningware that some of them have that I began to covet them myself. While my husband may think they are unnecessary - they will allow me to purge some of the icky plastic bowls we have in house. Oh, and they are so pretty. The bowls remind me of my Grandma's house and making cookies.

We were truly in and out of the thrift store real quick - since G had to be to preschool by noon. I still managed to find some retro sheets - which always come in handy (pj pants, quilts, etc).

And best of all, I found some thrifted burlap. Well, it may not truly be burlap, since there seems to be a plastic-y coating on the back side, but it worked for the project I had in mind. After seeing this and this, I wanted to make my own burlap banner for Halloween (though I shamelessly copied the exact wording from my inspirations). I used freezer paper stencils for the letters, thrifted ribbon (the orange gingham) and buttons on the "Boo" one, and some polka dot ribbon on the Spooky one.

Please excuse the fact that I have no other fall/Halloween decor up yet - now I'll need to get a move on to accessorize with my banners :)


kendra said...

oh! i have that yellow print, 2nd in, from an estate sale. mine is much much more faded though! and i think it is a tablecloth and not a sheet because of its size. i was planning on a skirt, but it's now a regular tablecloth in our house!

Heather said...

This is the second post today where I saw pyrex that i just adored! Seriously, those pieces are amazing