Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more thrifting - and yes I know I have a problem

It seems I've done much more thrifting of late than sewing, embroidering, crocheting or any other crafty endeavor. I've got a project hanging over my head that I NEED to finish this weekend. It is sucking all the other creativity out of me - and causing tremendous amounts of guilt as it lies incomplete. Once that is done, I've got a traffic jam of projects that will be flowing out of me - just you wait and see.

In the mean time, I thrift. I made one more quick stop today at my favorite thrift store in search of a few last minute items for my Vintage Swap partner. I did find what I was looking for and I've got this all ready to go out tomorrow, but won't blog about it until after it is out in the mail. I managed to find a few things for myself as well (ahem). But really, they were/are necessary! Dave and I closed on the cabin next door to my mom's last weekend. While we've been staying there for years, now it is officially ours.... so of course it needs more bed linens. And a full size bed is a little harder to find sheets for in department stores, right? Except when you visit a thrift store and then they are vintage fabulous! Look at this sets I found today - sheets and pillowcases. They are in such good shape I had to slap myself to NOT cut them up and make clothing out of them.

I also found my first ever vintage quilt. I see people in blog land get glorious vintage quilts all the time... but all I ever see are hideous polyester ones that are falling apart. Today, I found one that I really like. It may not be the most "pretty" quilt ever, but it is random and wonderful.

I mended a few tears, but it is in great shape for the most part. It is twin size and will look great on one of the bunks at the cabin.

While searching the toy section for more dinosaurs for G, I found a big old bag full of wooden blocks. For some reason, I swiped them up without having much of a project in mind. Then, I played around to see what I could spell with them. Look at the inspiring words I made...

Oh, and then you can see the juvenile tilt my brain also has.

A few words ended up on top of my sewing hutch... along with my other favorite treasures and my crafting books.

Last up - I had to feed my new found Pyrex addiction. I found a groovy white dish with black designs. It had the glass lid still, and is pristine. In this picture, you can also see the 3 yards of fabric I found for under 3 bucks. Love me a good thrifted fabric deal! I am seeing a skirt for Rowan for Valentines day out of this.

Hopefully the next posts I make here soon will be to show some bags I'm making for 2 nieces, some skirts and dresses I've got lined up for some little ladies and some Halloween decorating and costumes I've got to get done!


Katie said...

Congratulations on finding your first quilt. It's a beauty!

Heather said...

I think that is a lovely quilt. All of the finds are wonderful!

tadpole photography said...

What's BRATHE??? Ha. I shouldn't make fun of u because i will likely ask to borrow some of your new blocks for my next infant session...wink wink

Emily said...

Drat Brooke - only you would catch that! I did find the missing "E"... thanks!

Katie and Heather - I'm cuddled up wiht my new quilt as I type - I love it!

Chris Worthy said...

That quilt is quite a find!

Brian Lawrence said...

You found some great things! I love your quilt, so pretty, and the randomness is what makes it charming and handmade. Oh and isn't Pyrex fun! Who knew that something so mundane to our grandparents would be so fun for us!


(Commenting as my husband since I am on his computer)