Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Rowan and I had a day of thrifting and shopping today - while the boys did some messing around at the hunting land. All I know is that Rowan and I came home with all sorts of treasures (to be shared post laundry) and the boys came back incredibly dirty.

Dave and his brother Jim took the kids trick or treating tonight, while I manned the treat basket at home. I may have ate my fair share of Snickers bars as well, but that is part of the job of manning the treat basket, right? Rowan was a gypsy and Griffin a T-Rex. It was mighty chilly outside, but at least no rain. Both kiddies were real troopers and were rewarded well for their perseverance. We have enough candy here to feed a small army.

Griffin is a bit crabby here - did not want to sit still to pose for me.

Rowan as a gypsy... with her "Hot Chillys" long undewear underneath her costume. The skirt was made from some sari fabric from India.

Griffin as a T-Rex. My mom bought his this costume online somewhere and he LOVES it.

Dave and his brother were then off to a Halloween party - can you guess who they are being?

If you guessed Cheech and Chong, you are right. It has been awhile (since college?) since I've seen a Cheech and Chong movie, but they did make me smile! Dave looked a bit like the painter guy on PBS, and a little like Weird Al in the Amish song video (can't remember the name now), but they sure got into it! I'm staying in with the troops to watch Harry Potter. Happy Halloween!
Disclaimer: They are holding props - just plain old paper... cross my heart...

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Thudin said...

They look so cute (I mean the gypsy and t-rex)!! Save some candy for me!
Mom :)