Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gypsy skirt and ruffles

After taking the day off to be with the kids (Rowan is off of school), Dave met my mom tonight and gave her Rowan for a night at "Gouma's" with her cousin. Then Dave and Griffin went to visit his mom and dad for the night. I got home from work with NOTHING to do. Well, except that I thought we had been robbed, the house was so torn apart from Dave spending the day with the kids. Serious, I started to look for the valuables, until I remembered that we don't have any. Well, we do, they would be the kids, but I knew where they were :)

So after cleaning the house, with still NOTHING to do, I watched Glee on Hulu (as usual, I forgot to tune in last night when it was on TV). Then, feeling smiley and humming Glee songs, I suddently remembered that I had to make Rowan a gypsy skirt TODAY since we are doing "Boo at the Zoo" in Duluth this weekend to celebrate her birthday. While I had signed on to make the skirt for Halloween, I forgot about her needing a costume 2 weeks before hand for her party. Lucky, it went together fast. I used some sari fabric that my friend Kim brought home from India and crafted up a quick tiered skirt.

While sewing the skirt, my mind wandered to what I would wear to work tomorrow. It can actually wander quite freely when there is not a little boy screaming dinosaur sounds at you and pouncing around you looking for "predators" to eat while you sew. (Sniff - kind of miss him while I'm writing this). Anyways... since I could think of nothing to wear, I decided to doll up another t-shirt. No, this one was not even stained first, just boring. It is yet again, another 3/4 sleeve V-neck from Target a few years ago. I have been drooling over the fun t-shirt modifications I've seen here on the My Mama Made It blog . I took a strip of tulle and a strip from another black t-shirt and made a quick ruffle from them sewn together. Then I added it to the neckline. It maybe took 10 minutes to do... well, maybe a smidge longer since I pinned the ruffle to 3 different shirts before I went back to this one.

Here is a ruffle close up.

And the upper body shot to show it on. Does it look a bit like a racoon tail? I had to crop out my jammie pants in this picture :)

Now I am gonna crash about 2 hours ahead of schedule. Bliss. But I do miss them all...


Heather said...

Everything looks beautiful

Have a great weekend

kmberrien said...

Isn't Glee good? I love that show. Your skirt is lovely and I REALLY love all of your t-shirts. Your package should be arriving soon. I hope you like everything in it!