Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday girl

My daughter Rowan turned 7 yesterday. S-E-V-E-N! I'm having a hard time believing that I have been a parent that long - where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday Dave and I were dating and just thinking about getting married, let alone having a family that included not 1 but 2 kids. I know it is cliche, but having kids has made the time FLY by. Instead of posting all the pictures of her through the years (which I did here last year in case you want to ride the memory roller coaster with me), I opted to just show her as she is now. Here is Miss Rowan in a shot Brooke took a few weeks back.

Rowan is my sassa-frassing, 7-going on 32-year old. Full of kindness AND stubbornness, she is equally likely to be pouting about not getting to choose her outfit as she is to be cuddling with her little brother and reading him a dinosaur book. We've taken bets in the family as to whether she will be a Project Manager when she is older, because of her strict policy of following the rules and doing only things that are right, and then only in the correct order. She is my little monster. Love her.

Of course she needed a fun t-shirt to wear to school commemorating her big day... and her very advanced age. Here is Rowan in her Super Seven shirt.

She had only worn the lime green long sleeve t-shirt I opted to embellish one time, but somehow managed to get a small stain on the belly and tear a hole in one sleeve. I took another t-shirt that was much too small now and cut off the sleeves and a hunk off the back. The black shirt became new black cuffs and a big old oval to the front. I cut a quick "7" out of the oval first... and then sewed around this and the oval shape... kinda of a reverse-reverse applique.

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