Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bag (making) Lady

Despite the fact that I had an extra dog, 2 extra kids and a missing husband, I managed to get some sewing done today. My mom and step-dad dropped off their dog yesterday morning on the way to jump on a plane to Florida. My sister and I met 1/2 way between us on Friday night to get me her kiddies- and Dave was busy doing hunting stuff today. All the prep work for hunting makes the season last EVEN longer than it already is. A weekend to clear brush, a weekend to build stands, a weekend to site rifles ... you name it, they've got to do it. I've stated in the past that I feel that these weekends are more often than not really "a weekend to drink beer and hang out with brothers"... but it is not that big of a deal. Especially since the kids are getting big enough to truly entertain themselves. So while the 4 monsters were busy destroying the house, I finished 2 bags that I had started for our nieces, Sam and Alexa. Both girls had spent some time perusing my blog to find what bag that they wanted me to make them, and then they shopped and picked out their own fabrics. They did a great job with their choices, I think they turned out adorable!

Sam wanted a Pleated Beauty tote. (Sigh). I love this bag. It is from the Bend the Rules Sewing book, which is a personal favorite. I've made so many now of these bags (here, here, and here)but it is still enjoyable to make and goes together very quickly. By the time you think you are ready to sew it for real (after attaching the pleats) you are just about done! I use this one I made a while back 90% of the time as my daily purse/bag/tote. Sam also went with 2 fabrics on the main panels and a coordinating pleat fabric. I lined her bag with corduroy, since that is what I had on hand, and made the straps a little longer, in case she uses it to haul books to and from school. Here is her finished bag...

And a quick shot of the pocket inside.

Alexa wanted a Lickety Split bag (pattern by Made by Rae). This one also sews up super quick and easy. Before I made it, I made sure that I could fit school notebooks and folders in my own version. This baby can hold a ton of things, and is reversible! I had some green chenille rick rack that I added to the pockets, I lined it with a layer of flannel to make it extra sturdy- and because (I think) she mentioned liking flowers, I added a flower pin that can be removed and pinned to the reverse side on this bag.
Here is Alexa's finished bag...

And the reverse side..

A close up of the pin. I used this tutorial to make the flower.

Now, I'd better clean up some of the disaster that is my house. Night!


Heather said...

Wow, those are both gorgeous! That is a lot of sewing with that many kiddos and dogs! Great job

kmberrien said...

Gorgeous bags! I especially love the navy and green one, my favorite colors at the moment and soon to be the color scheme in my dining room.

Janellybelly said...

Anytime's a good time to make a Pleated Beauty Bag :)
A wise woman once said to me "It's ok to have crunchy carpet when the kids are young, there's plenty of time to vaccum when they've left the house" - so don't hassle over the housework!
(fellow PBB addict)