Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another embellished T

I may have mentioned that my aunt did not like my corsage t-shirt. It may be more honest to say she did not "love" it... but from her, that means she thinks it is hideous. To get back at her, I made her one of her own. (I'll sure show her.) Anyhoo... while trying to change my Aunt's mind, I ended up having some left over magenta knit circles. Oh, and I had another stained v-neck t-shirt as well.

I know - I sound like quite the slob. What, with this stained shirt, as well as admitting the stain was the reason d'etre for my own corsage t-shirt - you may have the (partially correct) idea that I am a messy girl. Honestly, it may really have more to do with my inability to throw things away. No - for real, I know that these shirts I've been re-doing (for myself only, I am not gifting my Aunt an old stained shirt of mine - hers was new - I swear) are at least 2 or 3 years old. How do I know/remember this when I can't seem to bring the garbage to the curb each Tuesday? Well, it is because they are the perfect shirt. Not too thin, or too tight, or too long. Target now seems to only produce t-shirts that are incredibly light weight and thin, way too long for anyone under 5'11" and extremely narrow - so narrow that they accentuate any and all muffin-top one may have. Eee gads- I am not a fan. For that reason, along with being too cheap to splurge for higher end ones, I've hung on to these v-neck beauties (stains and all) from years past.

Enough 'splaining, let's talk t-shirt modification. I took two of the magenta circles, stacked them up, crimped the corner and sewed them to the shirt... just like the corsage. But, I only did 3 of these, evenly space up the neckline. Then, I added a large thrifted button on top of each that coordinated with the shirt. Ta Da- another embellished t-shirt!

I know - I know. Amazing, right? Please try to keep the applause to a minimum. HA! But honestly, it is allowing me to wear this shirt for another season, so I am a happy camper.

Here are the "flowers" close up...

And my moody, pensive stance... bored super models have NOTHING on me.

I believe I have about 7 more of these t-shirts in various colors, and in at least 3 different sizes. I may have to make a few more mods to them to spice up my 'jean and t-shirt' uniform that happens when I'm not at "work" work. Any ideas??


Bridget said...

I love those! I have a shirt or two that is begging to have some magenta flowers on it.

Heather said...

I just love the way that this transforms clothing. So pretty