Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zippered Wristlets galore

I spent the better part of today trying to find and perfect a zippered pouch/wristlet pattern. I tried the Zip Pouch pattern in my trusty Bend the Rules Sewing book and added a strap... I tried this one here I found googling "Zipper Pouch Tutorial". Both were good patterns/directions, but neither of these produced the sharp, pretty corners I was looking for. Since these versions were trials, I made them in kid happy fabric, thinking that the monsters could use them for something if they bombed. Rowan thinks hers (the one with ducks) will be a great place to store her guitar picks. Griffin mentioned putting "needles" in his frog pouch, but I think that was due to me having to pick a needle out of his sock as he walked near my sewing land, not due to some nasty drug habit he has. Here are the "Trial" wristlets...

After many more google searches and some flickr stalking, I decided to buy Oh Fransonn's Wristlet 3 Ways pattern.

It is one thing to admire the pictures of a pattern, it is another to make it look nice yourself. I am happy to report that my own version turned out pretty dang good. Not perfect - but nothing is that I make. I keep telling myself that is the beauty of homemade, right? Regardless, here is the one I just finished. These may be on my Holiday crafting list this year...

The zipper corners on these babies are so nice. I realize that for those who have not spent an entire day searching for the perfect zipper corners, this may sound odd, but take my word for it, these rock. Oh, and I used a D-ring for the handle. Tres professional, non?

I love these Good Folks fabrics. No trial fabric for me :)

Now that I've cracked the case of the imperfect wristlet zipper corners, I'm off to bed!

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Alisa said...

I like your wristlet! I found you via my blog where you left a comment. I also like the double layered skirt you made for our daughter a few weeks back. :-)