Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Serged Birdie Shirt

Since I've grown some confidence with my serger (even decided to finally name her! The kids and I christened her Nessie), I decided it was time to try serging some knit fabric. I have been told that is where a serger comes in REALLY handy, so I've been anxious to give it a shot. I picked up an odd piece of magenta knit fabric at a thrift store. Odd in that it was a large tube of fabric with no seam. Anyone know why or what it was meant to be? I've never seen fabric sold as a tube before, but since it was thrifted, who knows what it started as?

Anyhoo... I decided a quick, down and dirty T-shirt was an easy answer for my first try. I simply laid one of Rowan's favorite shirts on top of the fabric and cut out the shape. No separate sleeves or anything... I just serged up the sides and on top of the shoulders. I then added a cute piece of Alexander Henry's Birdseed fabric as an applique and voila - it was done.

Here is Miss Rowan in her shirt - along with her banged up knees :)

Well, it was almost done. After Rowan took it off, I experimented a little with a lettuce edging on the hem, neck and sleeves...

So NOW it is really done. Voila!

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Anonymous said...

You made such a cute shirt, I'm so impressed! I followed your link over from the Vintage Swap and am enjoying reading your blog. :)