Monday, September 7, 2009

Paint Shirt

Rowan needed a paint shirt for school this year... and she was adamant about wearing one of her Dad's. Since school starts TOMORROW (eek!) and we were on the Great Folder Hunt of 2009 for about 3 hours today, we had just a little time left for crafting one of her Dad's into a paint shirt. We started with a worn out "daddy shirt", as Griffin calls a button down Oxford shirt, with intentions to wear it backwards. We cut off the sleeves at Rowie's elbow and I hemmed it with a pretty little flower stitch that my sewing machine can do. I used the same flower stitch to sew across the back yoke of the shirt as well. Rowan told me about the shirts she wore last year in Kindergarten that had Velcro up the back (the real front). This seemed like a great idea, so I sewed about a foot and a half of Velcro to the button section - but left the buttons on for added cuteness. While they are not necessary, I added some pockets and ric rac to the front. We stitched on a little frayed applique heart, and voila! Here it is....

A close up of the Velcro. And you can see that I Sharpie'd her name on the pocket. Everything seems to need a label for school. Down to the individual crayons...

Little brother wanted in the picture as well....goof balls.

I'm having a hard time imagining Rowan on the bus tomorrow - it will be her first time, since we drove her to a different school last year so she could go everyday. Ack! Will they be nice to her? Will she know when to get on and off on her own? Will she get lost at her new school? Will she be able to speak up if she needs something? I could go on and on, but it is actually making it worse to put my fears in writing. She needs me to head upstairs now to put in my vote for the best first day of First Grade outfit. Nighty night!

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