Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday G!

My baby turned 5 today. He woke me up by climbing into our bed and asking "Am I not 5 yet until it is light out?". Love him.

I borrowed this picture from his cousin Maddie - who appreciates his naughtiness.

Best buds and drooly monsters - Oliver and G - both under a year old.

Here is the other best bud...Sissy and Griff on his first birthday.

A mommy smooch for Griffin at 3 months old.

Lucky for us this sign of temper (below) was not permanent, or even normal.

We love you G.


Thudin said...

Hi Griffie - Happy Day :)
Gouma and Bumpa

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Griff!! Have a great day!

SnottieCootieBuns said...

That family photo of you guys with Griffin screaming is one of my all-time favorite photos - ever. You should be able to make money of that somehow. :-) I can't believe your little man is 5. Time flies.