Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day...

Rowan did amazing getting on the bus, but I'm a bit of a mess this morning. I was up til way after midnight worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong for her today...while she slept like a log. When I said to Dave "Don't you remember staying up thinking (worrying) the night before the first day of school?" he gave me the crazy woman look. It was 1 a.m by this time, but I take from his expression that not everyone did this? I remember thinking and re-thinking outfits...down to the appropriate shoes and necklaces... or neon lace hear ribbon... worrying about where my locker would be and who it would be next to...wonder if we would sit alphabetical or randomly... wonder if we'd have to actually do phy ed activities the first week or not...and if we did, would I sweat a lot....etc, etc, etc. Some of it was pure excitement, but there was plenty of worry mixed in as well.

I guess Rowan is her father's daughter. She bounced down the stairs fully dressed and smiling at 7 a.m. This is not normal behaviour for her - mind you - as she normally comes begrudgingly down after being called for about an hour and then has a laundry list of grievances to report. We only had one argument about her hair and compromised fairly quickly on pig tails. I'm forever fighting the battle to keep her hair out of her face, while she hates having it pulled back in any way.
Rowan picked out her clothes for today, with minimal mom input. You'll notice she is not wearing a single homemade item... sigh. She was most excited to wear her new DC shoes that Dad bought her. You may also notice (below) that little brother can't seem to get his thumb out of his mouth until 9 a.m.

I chopped her head off in this pic, but you can see how excited she was here!

I teared up after she got on the bus, and asked Griffin if he thought we should hop in the car and follow her bus to school. He gave me the crazy woman look as well and said "But isn't the bus just taking her to school? How 'bout if we go and buy doughnuts instead?". Glad I have him to distract today!

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Thudin said...

She looks so old...and not nervous at all :)