Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Day... continued

Griffin started preschool this week. Monday was orientation, but today was the first day I actually left him on his ow. OK - so we are talking about 2 hours here, but still... he is my baby!

Jumping for joy... for real.

This pic is too dang dark, but his smile is perfect. He is so proud of himself and excited to see all his friends. To him it is just a formality that he has never met them before. I love how he goes in with the mindset that they are all just friends waiting to happen.

He totally loved it. They had a box of costumes to play with and he quickly confiscated a "daddy tie" to wear. He drew me a picture and played with blocks. Life is good when you are 5, huh?
I should have about 11 yards of fabric arriving tomorrow via UPS. had an amazing sale that I heard/read about on the everyday chaos blog. How can you ignore Tina Givens fabric for $2.79 a yard??? Seriously people, I realize I might have a slight fabric addiction, but finding it for under $3/yard is like Christmas in September! I am lining up the projects in my head and plan to get a kick start on the holiday gift making.

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