Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Photos

One of my bestest BF took family photos of us last weekend. We have been talking of doing it for quite some time, but it took until the first leaves started changing for me to actually set a date with Brooke. We had a fun time- my kids are so comfortable with their "auntie" Brooke that they really did not realize we were doing an actual photo session. She posted a few pics of us on her blog this week, so I'm borrowing (umm..stealing, but they are watermarked with Tadpole Photography) a few of my favs to share. I love LOVE love what she does... she really captures my kiddies being who they genuinely are. And me too, I guess, as you'll notice since I'm more comfortable coaxing Griffin's eyes up or trying to make Dave smile and relax, than actually looking into the camera myself.

I got my "green grass" shot...

Love this one. I can't help but think as I look at it how very soon the little ones on the left side will be taller than at least one of us on the right side.

I love Rowan's eyes in this one.... so serious... or was she glaring at me?

Love my sweet boy who picked the dandelion himself...turns out he was quite the poser.

Sometimes I wonder how one person can be so genuinely nice and extremely talented and beautiful - BL you are AMAZING. If I did not love you so dang much, I'd probably hate you! You may remember, she took photos of just the kids last year. Loved these... and probably would have just opted for new kid pics this year, but after seeing some of the great shoots she has done of families lately (like this (my Aunt's session) and this (my sister's session)), I wanted to get us all in a few pictures. Can't wait to see all the finished pics!! Thanks BL - LOVE them!

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Heather said...

Those are amazing pics. What a sweet family you have