Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Shirt

As you may have seen in the post from yesterday, my son just turned 5 years old. Griffin is totally enamored with his father and wants to emulate him in every way possible. One of his various quirks is to wear a "daddy shirt" and tie almost everyday of the week. Here he is last night after his Birthday dinner - note the ensemble.

We've sized down plenty of Dave's ties for him...and I scour thrift stores to find new (to him) button down shirts whenever I can. But let's face is not always practical, comfortable or reasonable for a five year old to wear a necktie.

After recently seeing a nephew's t-shirt with a neck tie screen printed on it, I decided to make up my own version for Griffin's birthday. I had a spare t-shirt from Joanns hanging around and used reverse applique and a piece of an old shirt of Dave's that was in the scrap pile to create a tie.
Here is a close up of the tie.

While he does not like it as much as the real deal, he did tell me it would be ok for playing in. Such love ;)


Brenda said...

Love the shirt and Happy Birthday
Griffin. They grow so fast.

Emily said...

Thanks Brenda!!