Friday, August 21, 2009

Shirred Pillowcase Shirt

Yesterday, after finishing up the Buttercups and an apron for my sister in law (to be posted later), I just wanted to keep sewing. Whether this was due to the kids being tucked in for the night, or because my sewing hutch is so beautifully organized now, I'm not sure, but I got an itch to do "one more project". I first tried to add another row to a quilt that I'm working on, but when I added it backwards, I quit it immediately. I simply folded it up and put it away - saving the seam ripping for another day. Then my eye caught on my stack of thrifted pillowcases...and I remembered seeing a tutorial online for a shirt made from one. I googled it and decided I had all the requirements so the game was on.

The Shirred Pillowcase Top tutorial is from Betz White... and I found it here on Craftzine. The only part that scared me a bit was the shirring - but it is something I have been wanting to try. Ummm.. one piece of advice to share on shirring would be to buy new elastic thread. Unfortunately, I relied on some thrifted elastic thread that I had on hand and it did not ruffle nearly enough (read: at all). To save the project, I ended up sewing a strip of Fold Over Elastic all the way around the interior where the shirring was supposed to be occurring. It worked well enough and the tutorial was quick and easy. It came together in less than an hour and I think Rowan may get a matching one out of the scraps. I am excited to try the shirring again with new thread, now that I've given it a shot!

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Thudin said...

very cute - except for I recognize the fabric from sheets and pillow cases, so I'm kind of hung up on that :)