Friday, August 28, 2009

Serging at Midnight

Well, it may not have been quite as late as midnight, but I did get on quite a roll last night. I posted a while back about getting a fantastic serger for Valentine's day, but honestly I have been a bit wary of it. OK, not wary, downright terrified. Then my husband made an annoyingly accurate comment about how expensive it was and that it was being wasted. I hate it when he is right... ack. So last week I used it on the internal seams for Theresa's apron and for Rowan's new skirt. A little confession- I turned off the cutting blade for these two endeavors. It helped me get over my fear of doing any permanent damage to a project. Baby steps... then yesterday, while babysitting Miss V, I used my serger to whip her up a skirt to match Rowan's. I used the serger for adding the trim, making the elastic casing, as well as the seams. And it worked! And nothing terribly bad happened!

Here are the girls in the matching skirts. (I'm hiding the adorable Miss V's face since I've not asked her mommy yet if I could post her pic...)

With a bit of practice under my belt, and small boost of confidence, I got antsy last night to do some more serging. Here are my late night projects...the first two done so late I could not get a picture with a child wearing them! The third picture, Rowan took this morning since I slept in my new pants :)

Griffin got new pj pants... made from thrifted fabric and by tracing a pair of his existing pants. I saw this fabric at Goodwill and had to pick it up for him, since he loves froggies. All the sewing was done on the serger except one turn on the top and bottom to secure the hems and hold in the elastic. Oh, and I used my normal machine to attach the label :)

Rowan saw this shirt from last week and wanted one of her own. I had enough of the pillowcase left over to make her one, so I did. Kind of felt like a pioneer - using every part of my pillowcase and letting nothing go to waste! I adapted the Shirred Pillowcase Top tute from Betz White to fit a 6 year old. Because I did not have the opportunity yet to pick up new elastic thread, the shirring is really just skinny elastic zig zagged to the fabric. I used some remnants for the straps and ruffles. Just a quick disclaimer, we will NOT be appearing anywhere in matching Mother Daughter ensembles. While I used to love this idea back in 1982 when I perused the JC Penney catalog, I don't think it would fly for either of us now days. Rowan looks cute when matching a 1 year old, not a 34 year old.

Last, I have been coveting my own Wide Leg Lounge Pants from Amy Butler's In Stitches since I made a gazillion pairs for others last Christmas. I remember thinking how much better these would have been to make, had I had a serger. Turns out I was right. They were amazingly quick and easy. I changed the pattern a bit and did an elastic waist...I knew I would not want to bother with a tie.
In order to save the cute trim from the thrifted sheet I used, I started every seam from the bottom and sewed upwards. I had a little trimming to do on top to make things even out, but was able to forgo hemming this way as well as keep the piping and cuff. Like Griffin's pants, everything was serged except the elastic casing.


Anonymous said...

The lounge pants look sooo comfy and how cute do those skirts look on their models! I want a serger and everyone says to me oh you don't need one. I know that but they sure sound fun!

Emily said...

Thanks ovestitches! I love these pants - and now that I've serged them, I will make many more.

I do love my serger (just named her Nessie last week since we are friendsnow) now that I'm a bit more comfy with her. She was intimidating at first though:)