Friday, August 14, 2009

Nancy's trip and Rowan's Room

It has been a while without posts, mainly because my Aunt Nancy and her family were home from Texas for a few days, so we crammed in as much time with them as possible. We started off her trip home with a day of thrifting and garage sales. It was fantastic. I'll post about some of the treasures later... but rest assured we bought up tons of things that normal people probably don't want :) We then all headed north for some time in Duluth with the larger family. We stopped into my moms for a quick night at the cabin (think campfire, beer and good guitar playing with not so good accompanists trying to remember the words to American Pie... ha!). Brooke drove up for a day and took family photos for Nancy, as well grad pics for my little sister Lauren (arg, when did she get so dang old?), while we were there. As usual, BL did an amazing job - they are quite awesome! Take a gander here and here to see some of the shots. While in Duluth we also had a family picnic, played some volley ball, did some crafting and hit some more garage sales.

My Grandma and Aunt came down to our house for a days then to help me tile a bathroom and make Rowan's room into a "Big Girl" room, per her request. Dave thinks it is quite odd that we like to do house projects while on vacation at each others houses, maybe we are wierd? Oh well. Grandma and Nance also organized my cupboards, washed my laundry, cleaned out the laundry room, helped to install a clothesline and helped me purge a ton of things that resulted in 4 trips to Goodwill! Not bad for 3 days work, huh? The tiling was a nightmare (luckily done much more by my Grandma and Nance), and Dave has to finish a few spots, so I won't post about that now. As for her room, Rowan was tired of her "baby room" with the sage green walls and fairy and dragon fly wallies. Since these have been in her room (in 2 different houses) since the day she was born, I gave in and allowed her to make a few new choices to make her room one fit for a "big kid". She chose aqua blue for her walls and we painted all her mismatched furniture - a combo of hand me down, thrift store, and new stuff - white to make it match up a bit more. I also cut down the legs of her loft a bit - it was too high and she kept hitting her head on the ceiling. Think me with a dremmel tool, D&G sunglasses on (couldn't find my safety goggles) and a bunch of sparks flying. It turned out great, but I was a little concerned for a while that my grandma was going to dump a bucket of water on me, as she was sure we'd start a fire with all the paint fumes and sparks! Last, I crafted up a quick (albeit imperfect) memo board for all her pictures and what not. I took an existing poster frame, some fabric, some mis matched ribbon, an old sleeping bag as batting and threw it together. Here are some shots of her room...

The memo board, as shown by Vanna, er, Rowan...

Her unmade bed (in her newly lowered loft)... and what big girl room would be complete without a bean bag chair and a guitar?

We painted this shelf from Ikea - and yes, I do realize it can be purchased in white as well. I thought of that with every damn brush stroke.

A view from under her loft. Dresser and nightstand got a coat of paint as well.

Up next, a few crafting pics. When my aunt is home we like to mass produce some craft. Last year we did bottle cap and spoon bracelets. The year before was the bead/wire wrapped silverware year. We did some quick glass jar hanging candles this year. No real "right way" to do this, so the kids had fun beading to their hearts content.

The crew, drinks in hand, crafting in the garage due to rain in Duluth. Yep, sweatshirts and rain in July, gotta love the northland!
I raided my recycling bin to get all the jars - they were really pretty hanging from my grandma's apple trees.

On the last day of our time with Nance, we took the monsters to Valley Fair for a day of fun and what not. Rowan was quite the daredevil, going on all the big rides and roller coasters. Griffin was a bit more restricted, being under 48 inches and all, but he had a blast in the water park. It was a fun 10 day so with the Fraziers - I miss them a ton already! Thanks for all the help Nance!!

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