Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Double Layer Skirt - She likes it! She really likes it!

I got the itch to sew last night and after scrolling through my "favorite" saved tutes, I found the Double Layer Skirt tutorial on the Everyday Chaos blog. Using Bridget's great tute, I crafted up a skirt late in the evening. While the tutorial was great - easy to understand and very adaptable for different sizes- I had a few glitches occur (when don't I?). So I modified things a smidge. When my top layer was a little too big, I went with it. I added a bow and turned the place where the top layer met to the back. I think it looks a bit like an apron is on top of her skirt now - which is right up my alley.

It gets the "good spinning" approval as well.

The fabric is from Hancock - bought on a whim a few months back because I loved the mom and daughter scenes on the toile. Well, I'm a sucker for toile in general, but this was too sweet to pass up, especially in my favorite color combo.

A quick disclaimer - while Rowan may look happy wearing hand made items in the pics I post here in blog land, she normally would not choose the to wear things I make her. Makes me a little sad, but for some reason I keep trying. Maybe because the little girl stuff you can build is just so dang cute- skirts, dresses, headbands, etc . So, while I hung up a new skirt in her bedroom around 11 pm or so last night, I did not anticipate that she would wear it without a fight, let alone love it as much as I did. Fast forward to today. I'm out the door HOURS before the hubby and monsters on the days I work at the office. So a few hours into my morning, I called Dave to see how things went getting them to our sister in law's house for daycare. When I casually questioned if she noticed her new skirt (ahem...not really casually...) he told me she had loved it and even wore it to daycare today. I may have gotten a bit teary... she likes it - she really likes it! She picked out her big girl halter top and put in her own pig tails to complete her look. She wanted to wear her tall brown winter boots - but Dad would not let her. Honestly, winter being months away and all, I still may have, since they would have matched so nicely. Oh, and while my natural inclination prior to taking a picture of either of my children would be clean them up a bit, I'm WAY too excited to show exactly how she wore it and loved it today.

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Bridget said...

I love it, the bow looks great! One of my daughters isn't as fond of my creations as I am either and I'm still waiting for the right project to come along for her to voluntarily wear it. You give me some hope ;).