Monday, August 17, 2009

Clothespin Bag

I believe I mentioned a few posts back that the installation of my new clothes line occurred while my Aunt Nancy was visiting the week before last. What I probably did not go into was the fact that Nance drove her umbrella clothes line all the way from Austin, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota just so little old me could hang up my wet laundry, reduce our energy use and help save the Earth. Oh, and have nice crunchy towels as well - think of it - dry off AND exfoliate! Ha! Against Dave's wishes, Nancy and I sunk a piece of PVC pipe into the ground and cemented it in good. After a day we were able to pop the clothes line pole right in and we were in business. Now I can move the clothes line out of the yard if need be, though I can only think that it will be necessary when the snow falls.

I found tons of clothespins at thrift stores last week as well, so the only thing I was missing was something to put them in. I looked all over online and saw tons of tutorials for clothespin bags, but nothing that was really speaking to me. I did fall absolutely in love with these ones here and here on Etsy, but could not justify the cost when I had all the materials and know how on hand to craft one up myself.

So... I mocked up my own pattern (which included taping 2 pens together to get my necessary Seam Allowance - it is OK, you can laugh at me) and threw a quick clothespin bag together last night. Then, when that one only held like 10 pins, I elongated the bag a bit and threw another one together! Second times the charm. I took pics while I was sewing and possibly may post the pattern/tutorial, but am having trouble scanning the image and keeping it true to size, so we'll see. For now, check out my cute clothespin bag from some thrifted goodies (fabric, bias and button), a child size plastic hanger and a dishtowel (the interior fabric and flower).

The flower is on a safety pin, and it has been moved around a bit to find the best possible placement... I like it in the above picture best - plus it helps hold the hanger in place.

I have done at least a load of laundry a day now for about 6 days and only used the dryer on Dave's work shirts 2 times. I've been asked if it bugs me to spend all the time doing the actual hanging and honestly that is the best part... I am able to relax a bit, be outside and keep a closer eyes on the 2 hooligans I call my children. Oh, and I love how amazing our laundry smells!

I come from a long line of clothes line dryers, so these will make good gifts for my family members. My dad is getting the next one of these, since his clothespin bag fell apart while we were hanging swim towels on the line a few weekends ago.

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