Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anniversary Gift

My husband's brother and sister-in-law reached their 25th Anniversary last week. Their children, along with many of my husbands 13 siblings and parents, my sister-in-law's 3 siblings and father, assorted spouses and children, and friends of the couple gathered yesterday to reminisce and celebrate. We had fun looking at hilarious old photos of the couple... their wedding album was particularly enjoyable. They had a "rainbow" wedding with the bridesmaids in various pastel-y colors but matching gowns. The men sported many a mullet and humongous glasses. Oh, the 80's were a frightening time.

As a gift, I revised a pillow pattern from Alicia Paulson's Stitched In Time to make a pillow from family photos. Too bad I had not seen all the lovely wedding photos I could have used until afterwards! I could have made a blackmail pillow instead! As it was, I could only find 3 different family photos of the couple. Because I get one every year from them for Christmas, I thought this was odd I finally realized that my children had stolen the others. My sister-in-law does daycare for me, and has since both kids were born. The kids love her and love spending time at her house, so they carry around her family photos and want them to "live" in their bedrooms where they could see them all the time. I was lucky to find the few that I did! I scanned these and printed them on printable fabric. Then, because I could not seem to make a decent collage in photoshop (extremely frustrating), I ended up sewing them together for the pillow panel. I used a few of my favorite fabrics - Tina Givens Chandelier and Amy Butler Lotus-, framed the photos with some of the vintage ric rac that my mother in law gave me, and added a little patch for embroidering their anniversary date. Hope they enjoy it!

The photos really look darker then they show up in these shots. I'm not thrilled with my embroidery, I did not think it through and added the panel to the photos before embroidering it. Then I was too nervous to use a hoop and possibly damage the photo fabric. Live and learn...

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