Monday, July 13, 2009

Some dabbling...old faithfuls.

Yep - I admit it. As you may have guessed from the oh! so creative blog title, I tend to dabble in things. I dream of becoming a hard core garment sewer, or making intricate quilts, or designing funky and hip hand bags. But, honestly, when it comes down to it, I'm in things for the quick thrill and more instant-type gratification. This may be due to the limited amount of time there is in the day for any personal type activities, as the monsters tend to distract a bit. While I have very grandiose ideas about what I WANT to sew, and fabric and pattern purchases to back these up, I tend to stick to a few faithful sewing projects that work well for me.

So, what do I actually craft or sew when I need a quick gift? One of my 2 fall backs usually fits the bill, Rae's Buttercup Bag and Irene's Classic Tote (as seen on Sew Mama Sew). Serious, these 2 are so quick and easy I really don't need directions for either anymore. They are my old faithfuls, and while both were free patterns/tutorials I promise I make both more because of how happy they make me to sew, not because I'm cheap, er, thrifty! (Note:I think Rae's sells an larger version of the Butter Cup Bag pattern now that offers up a license to sell handmade Buttercups as well).

I made the Butter Cup bag for my sister in law's birthday a week or so back. She watches my monsters for me on days I work, and has since they were both born. She has the patience of a saint and I feel so lucky to have her in our lives. She actually deserves a small island, but I thought I'd start with a purse. I modified the pattern a bit by increasing the size by 30%, elongated the strap a bunch and I used the leftover decor weight fabric I have in the stash... so I did not have to face it at all.

Can you tell I have a blue/brown fixation? As a side note, I just bought Rae's Lickety Split bag pattern - a PDF download you can get here for a mere pittance (um, $6 that is, pittance, I tell you). Adorable. Rae writes things up so well and her directions are super user friendly...Can't wait to try this one out!

Next, I made a tote for my mother-in-law's birthday gift. I gave it to her this past weekend - a bit late, but better late... well, you know. I had recently bought the Jane Market Bag PDF pattern from the Posie Gets Cozy blog (love her blog too) so I ended up using some of the techniques from this pattern (pin tucks on the 4 corners and changed how I did the base by cutting out the corners before sewing) on the Classic Tote. Here is the tote.

I used thrifted fabrics and a vintage button and made a flower pin that can go anywhere on the bag (or anywhere at all, I guess, if you are feeling creative).

Last up, not sewing, but surely a staple in my craft arsenal. Rowan's school friend came to spend the day with us last week and the girls needed a quick craft to keep them out of trouble, so we made Freezer Paper stencils. Yep another "Old Faithful" that I love for their "Fast and Easy" factor. While I did not get a shot of Nicole's shirt before she left, here is Rowan's.

I found the unicorn stencil here...and the heart is just free hand (like you could not tell).

I'm in the process of finishing up 5 neckties for a friend's wedding.... so more crafting will have to wait until they are done. My unfinished list is becoming legendary around here.

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