Sunday, July 19, 2009

New bag

After finishing up the neck ties (which I'm saving to post about with actual wedding photos) for a friends wedding party, I gave in and allowed a bit of selfish sewing. I made myself a new bag! Check it out!

I used Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks fabric - fortune in oilcloth - and the Made by Rae Lickety Split bag pattern. I've been hoarding this fabric for just the right project and this bag worked wonderfully. For the inside, I used red ticking and some AH from the stash for pockets. I don't know that I'll reverse it often, because I like the oilcloth so much, but it is a nice contrast.

The pattern was easy to follow - took about 2 hours start to finish. A good "nap time" project. I think any others that I'd make would whip up faster, but I was being ultra safe because I did not want to have to seam rip the oilcloth. My only "delays" were caused by a few broken needles and pocket placement. I pinned the pockets on a few times until I felt that they were right. Since I matched the pockets to the main fabric, this was probably not necessary, but I wanted it perfect.

I used the bag all weekend and can attest to how versatile it is. I was able to stuff it full of my camera, kid gear, a book and a knitting project. It holds a ton of stuff. The pockets are perfect to keep things organized both on the outside and inside of the bag. Lastly, using the oilcloth allowed me to carry it worry free while chasing kids around the water park we took them to. :) Here is a close up of the exterior pocket and ric rac.

And the interior fabrics...

And Miss Rowan loves it too!

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Rae said...

So great! Thanks for sending me the link! I love it, and the oilcloth is such a fab idea!!!