Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth!

We had a great Fourth of July... hope you did too! Just some random thoughts and photos to share...

Here are my two monsters (Griffin furthest left and then Rowan next to him) and their cousins (Oliver and then Chloe) just before the parade. The kids helped craft their own Firework shirts ("how to" below) and I sewed up a few parade treat bags and a "huivi" for Rowan (headscarf - per the Finns in our family).

Griffin hugging the Moose Lake Moose!

Iced coffee with Baileys - hum! Oh, and aren't the coffee cubes fun?

Griffin with his you can tell, running very fast!

Rowan's thrifted boots ...

The parade bags up close...the initials were perfect to keep the candy coordinated and organized (and to make sure I took turns when stealing the tootsie rolls from them).

Ok - so check out my sister's ideas to make decorative kid shirts for the Fourth. We went with the stamping of fabric paint idea - and she came up with some fun stampers. The stars are corrugated cardboard cut into stars and reinforced with Modge Podge. The fireworks are various pasta noodles glued to cardboard. The "Ooos", "Ahhhhs" and "Ohhhhs" were freezer paper stenciled on.

I'm not sure who says "Eeeeee!" when a firework goes off, but we were running out of exclamatory sounds!

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