Friday, July 10, 2009

Family goodness

What a great family I have - look at these wondrous gifts of late...

After the parade on the 4th, my mom picked me up a berry bowl, handmade by my Uncle Brian (Lundberg Pottery, Moose Lake MN). I have a small confession that when I read crafty blogs and see what others make or buy, I have a gargantuan urge to have these things as well. Anyone else? My aunt made a funny comment that these amazing crafty ladies could show us a craft with bodily waste and we'd be like "Oh, Fantastic! I need to get some of that too!!". Ha! I realize all the coveting thy neighbor stuff is bad and all, but I think it is more to do with not even knowing some of these things exist prior to the blog post. That is my story anyway. Take the berry bowl, for example. I saw this post a few months back on the House on Hill Row blog. Until then who had heard of such a thing? But, obviously, I knew I wanted, er, needed one. Lucky for me there is a potter in the family (potter? pottist? hum, guess I should ask) and he knew all about berry bowls and had some on hand. Great isn't it??

Oh, and the strawberries were another family gift. Fresh from the St. Paul Farmer's Market - given to us by my sister-in-law Michelle. Delish.

A brief stop to my in laws produced a ton of vintage sewing stuff... leftover goodness from my husband's Grandmas and other family. Look at some of this fun stuff I got.

I love how all the prices are like 15 cents on the packaged things (note - I could not find a "cent" sign on my keyboard - huh.). Some favorites are the thread - love the wooden spools. These will join my others in a large glass jar I smile at each day.

Love this dress pattern - and it claims to be a "jiffy" to sew. We'll see!

My mother-in-law also gave me a few children smocks/aprons made by the Great Grandmas. Here is Rowan in the wrap smock. Not sure what the applique says or is, but it is fun.

I'm thinking this will need to be copied into a pattern and made into a dress... one more project for the list! Here is the wrap/back side. (Maybe you caught a glimpse of my lovely rain barrel as well? That too was a "family gift". Dave gave it to me for our 8 year Wedding Anniversary this June. I had meant to post about it then, but got distracted...)

Last up, a drafted pattern on newspaper for another child apron smock. It will be fun to try out as well. I think the paper is from 1954 or so, based on the car ads.

Look what a close up of the newsprint revealed. In the "Help Wanted" section, I smirked when finding that the ads were sectioned out by "Help Wanted -Female" and "Help Wanted - Male".
Suppose that is enough posting of random family gifts. We've got a busy errand day, a lawn to mow and then a zillion things to sew. Have a great weekend!

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