Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chickenfest and Corn and Clover

We spent a few weekends this month with various members of my husband's big old family at annual summer events - Chicken Fest and the Corn and Clover Carnival. Sounds like we are serious farm folk, huh? Here are some great photos from both events - all provided by my sister in law Jody. I neglected to bring a camera to Corn and Clover, and her shots from Chicken Fest were so much better than mine, that I opted to just use hers for this post. In case you are visiting, Thanks Jody! Glad to have the memories!

First Corn and Clover Carnival. This is an event hosted by the city of Hinckley where Dave's parents now live. These shots are from the parade portion of the festivities.

I'm not sure who the random strangers are in the background, but here are Miss Rowan and me (on the edge) looking glam in our shades.

Griffin regaling the parade folk with his cute wave in a blatant attempt to get more candy.

Yep - my rough and tumble boy playing on a rusty barrel, we sure know how to have fun. Love how this shot shows the locals perched atop the building behind him. I guess the Corn and Clover parade demands the locals strive for getting the best views possible.

Rowan and her cousins Isobel and Phoebe watching the parade. These three are so dang cute...

Now on to Chicken Fest. Chicken Fest is an annual party hosted by Dave's cousins at their former chicken ranch (they have a website here). Besides fun, games and enough food to feed a small nation, it is John Deere heaven for little boys, big boys and many grown men.
Here is Griffin in the barrel train, obviously much enjoying a ride.

During the tractor parade, pretty much everyone gets on one of the zillion John Deere tractors and rides around for awhile. Here are Dave and Rowan on one.

Here is Griffin and his cousin Kyle on a tractor as well. I think Griffin spent about 1/2 an hour riding around like this. I'm happy to report that he has now dropped his Incredible Hulk infatuation and is back to loving John Deeres. It is a bit quieter to have him making tractor noises than screaming "Hulk Smash!!!" all the time.

It makes me kind of sad that after these events occur each July, it feels we start counting down to the end of summer. Our summer seems so short here... but we try to fill it with as much as we can!

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