Friday, July 24, 2009

Brown and Blue

On Tuesday I picked up some fabric from Joann's (thanks MH for the gift card! Very generous of ya!) to make another Lickety Split bag. I found fabrics in my favorite color combination - brown and blue. This was a baby shower gift - perfect since this is a fantastic stroller bag. (I can now attest to this myself, since I lugged mine to the zoo of the few places the 4 year old little man still wants a stroller.)
Here is one side:

Here is the other:
I used some of the ric rac from my mother in law on the pockets.

This one went together faster then my first - I'd say it is a good hour or so to make, maybe a bit more. I was interrupted on this one a few times (when am I not?) but got done before I was overly sleepy. Ever get that feeling to keep going when you are sewing? OK, most of my friends who read my blog don't sew, but substitute something you like to do instead, maybe reading? Or drinking beer? Regardless, I did not want to call it quits, so I looked for a quick project, one that did not involve changing thread or sewing machine feet or cutting out a new pattern. For a couple of reasons, I decided to make a quick pillow. There is a piece of embroidery I made a long time back that has been sitting in my sewing hutch looking at me, begging me to do something with it (reason #1 to sew the pillow) for a few months. It is from a free hand sketch of a rowan tree...I did another on a dress for Rowan a while ago as well. I used the left over scraps from the bag and quickly concocted a pillow cover to slip over an existing pillow that somehow got chewed on by the dog (reason #2 for sewing the pillow). Here is the Rowan tree pillow...

Here is a close up of the Rowan Tree...

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