Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer = Relaxing

Sorry for no posts of late... you'd think now that I went back to only 3 days at work, I'd have tons of new projects to post. The sad (ha!) truth is we ran to the library and I've been immersed in books and beach time relaxing. Serious, we've been beaching it weekly the past 3 weeks and we ran to the library twice now and life is good. I finished the new Janet Evanovich, a bunch of Katie McAlister romances and a couple of Meg Cabot's books. Sigh. I'm happy. See how relaxed we all are? Positively zen like.

HA- This was Rowan's idea - how does she know this stuff? Like the "ohmmmm" noises and all?
It is not like I'm a practitioner, that is for certain.

BUT... I've got a ton of sewing to do. For real. More to come!

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