Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good mama weekend

In trying to be a good mama while Dave was out of town, I've been working hard to do kid happy activities. I took the kids to play at a beach with friends on Friday and brought Rowan to a garage sale that featured every "Camp Rock" and "High School Musical" apparel item ever made. Then we camped out in the back yard last night, complete with s'mores, tents, marshmallows and ghost stores (that the kids made up... HILARIOUS!). We did another beach adventure today (different beach), played at a park for awhile afterwards, bought and made fun food that the kids helped choose, and then set up the kiddie pool for more play time. Exhausted, the kids had a movie night tonight, while I did some sewing. Thank goodness for Netflix, 'cause it was the answers to my prayers this evening. I think a night spent on a camping cot with at least one child "scared" and snuggled up in my sleeping bag with me at any given time causes sheer mental and physical exhaustion. That, or I'm just plain old getting old! Here are some photos of our weekend thus far...

Here we are at our camp out... our fire was a bit of a dud. Never really got going, but it did the job.
The favorite foods that the kids chose really were not photo worthy, though the watermelon was delish. As an aside, since I chose it, I made up a batch of my favorite Guacamole. Dave does not care for it at all, and I make it with so much garlic, that it really is not the thing to eat when you share a bed with someone. Despite my best brushing attempts, it tends to linger :) The gauc recipe, in case you are interested, is super easy. I mainly wing it with exact quantities and such, but it is basically just 2 avocados -mashed but still chunky, 1/4 red onion - diced, 1-2 Roma tomatoes -cubed, 3-4 cloves of garlic - pressed, 1/2 a lemon - squeezed over mixture and cumin, salt and pepper. Refrigerate covered for 30 minutes and then Yum!

Just for fun, here is a picture of the homemade guac sitting on a vintage table runner that my step dad's sister thought I'd enjoy... Love it Vickie... Thanks!

For my evening sewing, the movie afforded me enough time to get a few things done. I used Rae's Spring Ruffled Top tutorial (without the ruffles) and a vintage pillow case for this top for myself. (sorry, horrid picture, photographer child was asleep)

I cheated on a few measurements, because I did not quite have enough fabric. I will definitely do another top like this following directions and using "real" fabric in the future. I'm still happy with how this version turned out... maybe not the most flattering due to my small chest and large arms (does it look maternity to anyone else?), but extremely comfortable. Could be that the pj pants I am wearing with it don't really do it justice either! Here is a picture that better shows the cute pillowcase... without pj pants to muck it up.

Somehow I neglected to shoot the matching dress/night gown I made Rowan from the other pillowcase. She is wearing it as I type... fast asleep. She actually likes the pillow case dresses I make her, at least for PJ's. Last up was a pair of long, cuffed shorts also for Rowan and a matching headband. The fabric was thrifted (I used it to make this as well) and I winged the shorts using a technique borrowed/stolen from Brooke. She basically makes 2 tubes of fabric, puts them inside each other right sides facing and then cuts out and sews up the crotch area. It is killing me to not wake Rowan up to see how/if these fit, but that would probably put my "good mom" status back to "needs improvement"! I had a strip of extra fabric left over after cutting, so I made her a quick matching headband. Maybe I should quick put in store tags so she thinks I bought these? Then she may actually want to wear them :)

I've got 1/2 a day tomorrow to see how my "good mama" title holds. Usually getting things done like laundry, painting a garage door and mowing the lawn puts a slight damper on the "fun mom" role... but we'll see how or IF I can keep the momentum going!

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Kindershop said...

I love your top! I think that pillow case was perfect for it. I still have to find the right fabric to make my own version of this top. And no, it does not look "maternity"!