Monday, June 1, 2009

Dancing queen...or rather Princess

No time for crafting of any sorts here. Rowan spent the entire last weekend dancing... so I spent it watching dancing. Lucky for us, my mom and step dad brought reinforcements (in the form of cousins Chloe and Oliver) to see her Saturday show. On Sunday, Dad and Griffin came to watch. I "lucked" out and got to attend both shows, as well as a dress rehearsal on Friday.

Somehow I have become a dance mom - or more honestly, the mother of a mini (tiny?) dancer. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Mixed emotions - for sure. The positive stuff? Rowan loves it and is having a blast. She is cautious and shy normally and this really stretches her. Plus - I love me a good tap lying. The not so good stuff - Frizzed up Hair? Lots of Make up? Shaking her groove thing? Well, I can deal cause she is having fun. Yes - I know she has a ton of eye make up on in these pics, but good God, it is just one day (OK 2 recitals in 2 days, but you get the drift). It is not like she is gonna go out and buy a training bra tomorrow.... it just kinda feels like it....

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