Monday, May 18, 2009


I thought I would post some odds and ends this week - nothing "huge" accomplished, but lots of little things to chat about.

Here is the dress that my pal Brooke made Rowan... it started life as a dishtowel we think. Brooke dyed it scarlet and added the yoke from her old PJ pants. This is totally inspiring me to make more dresses and tops with this yoke and knotted tie straps. Rowan loves it, of course ('cause I did not make it, I dare say)...I think this is her dancy plie (sp?) pose. Not really sure though.

Next up is a quick shot of my totally stolen cup rack idea. Saw this cup rack in a photo from Alicia Paulson's Stitched in Time book, and have been scouring thrift stores ever since. Why is it that I've seen these MILLIONS of times while thrifting in the past, but then when I need one it takes me over 3 months to find one? Lucky for me, a a coworker who I looped in found me one... so I painted it up, hung it in my kitchen window near my coffee maker, and threw a bunch of mismatched thrifted mugs on it. Sigh. Makes me happy :)
I whipped up some more cloth baby shoes for my mother to gift to a coworker who recently had a baby boy. As usual, I used this tutorial/pattern... and while I did not figure out (YET!) how to make them seamless inside, I'm happy with them.

I had a bit of the doggie fabric left over, so I backed it with terry cloth and made a quick burp cloth as well.

Moving on...Dave and I spent the weekend doing all sorts of yard work. One project I've been thinking about got done as well. The kids (especially G) were overcrowded in their tiny sand box. We (read: Dave) made them one almost 3 times as big. We plan to frame in their old one for a play house. I did help too... really! I levelled the ground and dragged 8 bags of sand across the yard (yes, selfless martyr that I am) to fill it and TA DA... presenting 1 happy kid... he is, I swear, despite the serious face :)

And last, but not least, for a certain friend basking in the hot Indian sun, here are a few pictures of Miss Bailey Frances while she enjoys life at Casa de Thom. We miss you Kimmy G!

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MLE said...

That cup rack is so cute. I have a rack like that in red that I use horizontally, but I never thought to use it vertically! I found mine at Hobby Lobby.