Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Belly Dancing...and a prom dress

No - not me - either one,Thank God! My little sister is going to Prom and my friend Rayna belly dances and has a recital coming up. Rayna asked me many moons ago to make her harem pants... but it took until tonight to finish them up. You guessed it - I waited until the very last minute as her dress rehearsal is tomorrow night. I threw in a quick top as well - since the pattern she bought had the pant and shirt (and skirt and hip scarf) included. It was Simplicity 3832. Very easy and quick... though the stretch knits are a bit challenging and I was not up to using my serger tonight. Why, you ask? Mainly because I had bombed out on it last weekend trying to hem my little sisters 17 layer prom dress.... and it is still full of fuchsia thread. Not to worry - she'll be able to attend prom...I did hem it, just ended up using my sewing matching in the end. Talk about a learning experience... thanks to all those who've posted their prom dress hemming advice in Internet land! One quick shot of the dress... just to give you an idea how much of a "birthday cake" it really was :)

Back to the belly dancing - I hope Rayna likes her ensemble... and that she can shake her booty (belly?) in it :) The pants are very "I Dream of Jeannie"...They have slits about 1/2 way up the outside of either leg.

I've had the shirt fabric in my stash for about 9 years. Not sure why, but it will work well with these shiny pants...

I used Fold Over Elastic as bias tape for the top... since I did not want to deal with narrow hems on the neck and arm holes.

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MLE said...

Hey...I found your blog through flickr. What a great blog you have! I've been thinking about buying the Sew What Skirts book you mentioned a few posts back. I think I'm going to have to buy it after seeing your cute skirt!