Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Austin Adventures

The kids and I are back home from our vacation. And while it is wonderful to see the hubby now that we are home (who we all missed like crazy, mind you) we miss the Fraziers already! Not only did I get to gab/craft/gossip with my Aunt Nancy, I got to hang with her crazy husband and wonderful daughters, my mom, and my Grandma. Chalk full of peeps I love... including my own little monsters. Oh - did I mention I got to go to Sonic as well? We are lacking them in the northern Midwest, so I got my fix of Diet Cherry Limeades one day and will be content for awhile now. What more could a girl ask for? (Well, sunshine would have been nice...but....)

Instead of going into TOO MUCH detail and posting all the pictures from our week in Austin, I opted to make a quick collage of all our fun. You've maybe already seen the summer blouses... but there was lots more indoor sewing and home decorating done by me (and my Aunt), tons of ironing done by my Grandma (or GG as the kids call her) and lots of swimming done by the kids. Both little fish came home with mad swimming skills compared to when they left thanks to help from their big cousins Sami and Zoey, as well as their "Apple" Jack. Here are some of our projects and fun...everything from Freezer Paper stencil t-shirts to Pleated Beauty Handbag (yes - from BTRS) to Spool Birds, Sew Mama Sew/Irene Tote to Summer Blouses (Weekend Sewing) to lots of swimming and furniture movement... the list goes on and on :)

Other highlights include Rowan losing her 4th tooth, "THE CLAW" (aka "Apple Jack" aka Uncle Jack) wrestling with both kids, Nancy getting stuck in her faulty string backpack and our drunk dials (and giggles) to various rellies after an evening of cocktails :) Since it was gloomy and overcast most of our days, the sewing, decorating and good company (and yes- I admitted to some imbibing in cocktails) was somewhat necessary to divert my attention from my lack of a sun tan. On the bright side... this did save me from having to apply numerous layers of sun block to both my pasty white children, and allowed for more crafting then I had thought possible in such a short period of time! Thanks Nance!!

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