Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring is here!

Finally we are starting to believe that it actually may warm up again here in the Northland. After an EXTREMELY long winter, we are just now getting outdoors and experiencing the sunshine. Each day, after daycare/school/work, Griffin runs out of the car directly into the backyard and his sandbox. He is thrilled that spring is here. Truly, we all are...well, except for my neighbors, who were probably used to some peace and quiet. Now they are subjected to Griffin and Rowan screaming, yelling, climbing trees and peeping into their yards. Oh - and loudly playing Sponge Bob (working at the Crabby Patty) or Spiderman (Rowan gets to be MJ and I have to be Doc fair) in the back yard. We all have a bit of spring fever...even Tupelo (our dog) is in on the chaos, constantly wanting in then out of the house, looking for one of the kids to come outside with him and try to take his ball away.

Since today is my day off, and Miss Rowan was out of school, we met up with friends for a play date at a park. After spending some time lost and wandering, we had a nice morning in the sunshine, and got to help celebrate Gisela's little Eli's 2nd birthday with cupcakes. All the kids were adorable and fun - and it was nice to meet Veronica (Roni) - who I felt like I had met through our other blog. It was definitely a bit windy and brisk out, but we got some serious pent up energy released. I know Brooke took a ton of pictures of the entire group (maybe she'll post on her blog? Hint Hint...) so I spent time trying to capture my own monsters and trying to stay warm. Oh - and dealing with Griffin's meltdown as we made our exit. He really hates transition times. His laying down in the grass yelling "I am NOT Spiderman" was our cue to take our leave.

He was still happy here...

I realized after cropping the pics that it looks so gray and brown outside. Funny that we did not think so when we were out, we are THRILLED it is not snowy and white :)

Rowan and Grady getting dizzy...

I'll also throw in a couple pictures of "mini sewing projects" of late, cause that is the way I roll. Serial dabbler that I am. Nothing serious, but fun, quick projects, none the less. I finally got around to making a cover for my camera strap. There are tutorials all over the place on the web, but I winged it Basically folded up my favorite fabric in the world, and then sewed it on. I decided I would never really want the normal, icky-feeling strap, so it would not hurt to make this cover permanent.

Note: It is hard to take a picture of your camera strap. Duh. I had to remove it for the picture. But it is kind of hard to tell what it is. Trust me, it is my camera strap. And it is much cuter now.

Next, and last, I had just enough fabric left over from this apron to whip up a pair of fabric baby shoes for a co-worker who is due today. I used wool felt on the sole and this tutorial to make them. I really like this pattern, but I think I figured out how I would make these seamless next time. I know you can't see the seams when little feet are inside, but they just don't quite seem finished to me like this. We'll see - next time there is a baby shower or friend due, I may try my modification and see how it works (or IF it works).

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