Friday, April 17, 2009

Cake Balls!

My friend Kim is leaving for a 7 week work trip to India next week, so we are sending her off with a small gathering at my sister-in-law's cabin. Usually for these gatherings, we all bring food to share - and I have a habit of going a bit crazy making dishes. (Not overboard in fanciness, but rather in sheer volume of items...last time I think I had 5 or 6 dishes to share and then some fun drinks too). Determine not to go overboard this time, I said I'd only be bringing potato salad (requested by Kim herself), Buffalo Chicken dip (Hungry Girl version) and something sweet. I was perusing my cookbooks for a sweet treat, when thoughts of cake balls filled my head. Cake Balls, you ask? Yes, Cake Balls. I've had visions of these little waistline-ruining delights dancing in my head since I went running over my lunch break with Jen on Monday. She was telling me what she had brought to Easter dinner and mentioned Cake Balls. My cake deprived body perked up and listened greedily to her describe these little luscious treats. The balls are a medley of crumbled cake and frosting - rolled into a ball and then dipped in candy coating. I googled and found a similar recipe here, but I used melting chips. Jen's Easter delicacies were made from the Fun Fetti cake and frosting and then rolled into egg shapes and dipped in pink and blue melting chips. Her friend Karen had made them for St. Paddy's day dipped in green melting chips - as you can see, these are versatile little treats!

For Kim's "Going Away" shin-dig, I opted for milk chocolate cake AND frosting... then dipped in pink, blue and orange melts. I was going to dip them in melted chocolate chips, but thought that might be overkill in the chocolate department. Hee hee. Here are the balls... a bit messy to create, but truly fantastic. Yum.

Picture the insides a bit crumbly cake, a bit creamy whipped frosting, all delicious goodness. (Sorry BL for the food descriptions - I know they make you queasy - but these are THAT good).

In order to distract Griffin so he would not want to "help" roll these and dip them, I saved the mixing spoon from the cake mix and sent him outside with it while I concocted the balls. As you can see, he enjoyed himself immensely!

Tupelo is lurking in the back in the one below - waiting for his moment to move in and either get the spoon or lick the messy kid. He got neither as I intercepted with a wash cloth right after I shot these pictures.

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