Monday, April 6, 2009

a bit of random sewing...

Dave is back from Germany, so I have time to blog again. I had gone into "uber mama" mode for the 5 days he was gone.... lucky I'm back to my normal, somewhat lazy self! While he was gone, I started and finished a few more sewing projects... well, some got finished after his return... but I'm including them in one post. Again - lazy self...

Dave's sister celebrated a big milestone birthday this past weekend. Her grown daughters threw a fantastic party for her and most of the 14 siblings were able to attend. My sister in law is quite the epicurean- so after consulting the youngest sister for fabric options - I made my "stand by" Emmeline Apron for her gift. Love this pattern - and that it is reversible. I like the idea of making one side pretty and the other more fun and kitschy - but in line with the recipient's personality. For Debbie, one side is a pretty black/white floral. I was looking for a damask in black and white but couldn't find anything on short notice.
Since I was told by Theresa that Debbie has quite a love of the Southwest, I opted for sombreros, cacti and peppers for the "fun" side. Honestly, this apron goes together so nicely. Very well written, well illustrated... I love the process of putting it together... and it always turns out. I'm confident she'll put it to good use when concocting delicious dishes in her kitchen.

A close up of the Southwest fabric...kitschy and fun! Thanks for the idea Tess.

You may have noticed Rae's Spring Top Week button on the right hand side of this blog. Basically, Rae invited peeps to make and post pictures of some spring shirts. Her "challenge" is what kicked me into making the Summer Blouse last weekend, and I've a few more patterns to try. I used some thrifted fabric (yes AGAIN with the thrifted fabric) and tried the Amy Butler Cabo Halter pattern last night. Despite the breaking of the thrifted zipper I managed to finish it up before midnight. By the way...lesson learned the hard way. Listen up: Thrifted buttons = The best there is! Thrifted fabric= Great! Thrifted trims & ribbon = Probably wonderful! Thrifted Zippers = Iffy people... very iffy. But I digress...sorry. I love this pattern. It was quite easy, and I did not need to change the dimensions or tweak the sizing at all. The only thing I think I'll do differently next time (and there will be one - I just got the real fabric delivered), I do think I could benefit from some built in bra cup thingies. This halter does not do much for what little is going on up on top for me.... but I think it will be a perfect shirt for this summer!

This fabric is fantastic - in a 1974-avocado-kitchen-appliance kind of way. I kept singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts..." while sewing this. hee hee. Except I just got done telling you I don't have a lovely bunch of... oh.... never mind.

That is probably more than enough crafting to share... but if you are still with me here, I want to leave you with 2 final things. We finally bullied Miss Rowan into pulling out her tooth last night. The guilty tooth fairy left her a $5-er because she felt so bad for badgering an innocent 6 year old into yanking out a tooth before she wanted to. But... c'mon...look how adorable she is! And yes - she can't say her "f's" or her "th's" with her new found gap. hee hee...Love me a missing tooth lisp. Even Hannah looks impressed in this picture (the jammies...I'm referrin to her jammies).

Lastly - while nothing "sewn" to show you all yet- I did manage to cut out fabric for my next big craft. Looks like I'll be running back to Joann's for like 50 more things I forgot to get... but it is a start! Gotta fly...more fabric to wash :)


Jenny said...

Hi Emily,
Thanks for commenting on my Spring Top. I came to check out your blog and looks super did you get it to look so nice? I can't find anything this unique when I check out the templates here on blogger. Anyway, I love your cabo halter - great fabric find at the thrift shop. I miss my Minneapolis days (lived there for 10 years.)
Jenny Dube (creekhouse)

bananasforbreakfast said...

I keep meaning to make this top, hopefully I get to it before too long so that I get to wear it during the summer :-)

Yours looks great, the fabric is unique and definitely suits the pattern.

Kindershop said...

Hi there, I really love your top. I think I may try this pattern as well and also take your advise about the "cups" into consideration.

Erin said...

I've been tempted by the apron and the how yours turned out...the temptation is getting stronger!