Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Spring Top

Shortly after my last post, we came down with a stomach virus here. Believe you me, you do NOT want to hear about all the bodily fluids that were lost in this house this past weekend. Ack - it was not the most enjoyable Easter, we can leave it at that. Things seemed to wind down yesterday afternoon, so we thought we were in the clear. I went in to work this morning, but I got a call early on because Griffin had thrown up. It had been over 48 hours since the last time, I promise, but I still felt guilty that he got sick at my sister in law's home daycare. I know he picked it up there, but still...I feel bad we helped to spread the contagion a bit more.

Long story short, (he is feeling better and napping at the moment) since I was home today with a clean house, during nap time I decided to do a bit of sewing. I hadn't done any this weekend - so I was itching to get another top done for Rae's Sew Along. I only had a 2 hour napping window (or so I thought - he is on hour 3 now) so I decided on the super easy Built by Wendy, Simplicity 3835 pattern. On the crafty Internet - this is a very popular shirt/dress/tunic. I've made one before, early on in my sewing adventures, and while I like it, I did not love the elastic on the sleeve bottom (I had used fold over elastic) or the "baggy" back. I also thought it was a bit snug, because my vanity and ignorance did not allow me to buy the correct sized pattern. Basically my bust measurement alone dictated that I should wear a size that I was squeamish of. Now I understand a bit more about pattern sizing vs. store/vanity sizing. I get that it is just a number and it is more important that things fit than what number is assigned to them. Today I added 1/2 inch to the entire pattern to make sure things fit well. See... I'm a big girl and can readily admit that I needed a larger size - just won't tell y'all how large :) Here it is... in it's thrifted sheet glory.

It did only take a little over an hour - including the time I spent cutting out the fabric. Other modifications I made to the pattern: I added 1.5" to the length, I used the back darts that were on the pattern for the dress/tunic, and I did the tunic sleeve - a bit longer than the one I had made before.

I could fib and tell you I used the thrifted sheet to "practice" but honestly, my intent was to wear this sheet in some way/shape/form from the day I picked it up for a mere $1.95. I have a ton of it left, but am afraid if I do some loungy pants with this same sheet, I'll look like I'm in surgical scrubs -more so than it already does, that is. This top is a bit scrub-like. But that adds to the comfort! What to do with the rest then? Maybe I'll use it for some quilt squares? I love the idea of a thrifted sheet quilt. But fiddle dee dee, not today, I'm gonna go snuggle with my little man now for awhile, since his "sick days" are one of the few times he'll tolerate it for long.


Sarah S said...

I stumbled upon your photo in the Flickr pool. I've made this pattern before and had the same issues. Snug...especially in the arms. Pattern sizes are so wacky. Your finished product here looks great.

Anonymous said...

Cute top! I am going to make a few of these, I have accepted that I am a size 12 in a pattern, so, I am ready.