Wednesday, March 25, 2009

umm...more buttercups and headbands

I had a short turn time to produce some gifts for Rowan's school carnival. Like 2 days. Seriously. Since the last Buttercup bag went over so well (Jen liked it, she really liked it!) I decided to make a couple more from scrap fabric I had on hand. Again, can I express my love of the pattern? It is really fun and easy and I think it is fantastic that Rae first of all created it and then posted it on her blog for free. To keep things interesting, I changed things up a bit and did fabric loops around the buttons as clasps instead of the magnetic snaps, and this time I "tucked" the straps inside the bag. Kept the facing and flannel in the straps. These really feel nice and sturdy. Here they are...

Note: if these look vaguely familiar, I probably posted pictures of things made out of the same fabric in the past year...(hello aprons, baby shoes and Brianna's shirt).

I also committed to making more of the 10 minute headbands. Here are a bunch of them in sizes varying from what I hope is toddler/infant to large adult. I did not have any guinea pigs of the toddler/infant variety at 11 pm last night, so I'm crossing my fingers on the sizing! (Yes- I do know that large adults fit just fine for those of us with large brain capacity).

OK, not the most original post. I get it- these are the same 2 crafts that I posted about last time, just more of them :) Hey, I already said I only had like 2 days to create - they are donations/gifts, for goodness sake, not expressions or proof of my creativity (or lack there of). Hope they go over well!


Elliot said...

Very cute! I'm so glad you are enjoying the pattern. (:

Rae said...

I'm such a tool...I do this all the time (that was me back there posting as my baby, Elliot) oops! (:

Hermione J. Schwartz said...

What wonderful bags! I must have been the last person to learn of Rae's blog, but thank you for pulling me into the loop!