Sunday, March 29, 2009

Summer Blouse - Take 2

OK - I am obsessed. I admit it. I tried the Weekend Sewing Summer Blouse again - with thrifted fabric again. And that was a good thing, again. I modified things a bit more...and think I may finally have this pattern understood enough to make in some fun, spendy fabric. Or not - I am actually happy with these 2 versions in my el-cheapo thrifted fabrics. What I did not love as fabric I kind of dig as shirts. Maybe it is the pattern itself that looks good in all types of prints?

This fabric reminds me of a country-esque burberry print. Rowan choreographed my photo shoot. After snapping 4 shots she said "I'm done"... moody fashionista photographer:)

Here is how I modified, then re-modified this one. I made the shirt about 2 inches longer than the pattern indicated. I also took things in about 1/2 an inch from any side on the pattern and took about 3" off of the sleeves. Otherwise I kept to the book. Oh - and I figured out how to sew on the bias tape appropriately. When I was trying to fix the shirt from yesterday, I googled for help and found a zillion tutorials that offered some assistance. Though the neck is still not perfect, the stay stitch and lots of steam iron helped a lot. After all this, I tried it on I thought it was a bit too "flowy" still. That was my downfall. Do not modify your garments at 11 pm people. I used the existing arm pit hole and just cut down the side. But then it got too fitted/tight around the waist. So, then I improvised a slit in each side so it would be wearable/comfortable. I'm good with it now - and think I've finally got the general shape of both the pattern and myself down. I may go for a cap sleeve or sleeveless version next time... but it I've got the Cabo Halter up next on my list!

Oh - I also made Miss Rowan a tooth fairy pillow this weekend. It is a matyroshka doll pillow and I found the pattern here. She has a tooth that is basically hanging at an odd angle in her mouth. We are all bugging her to yank it out, but I think she is enjoying wiggling it with her tongue too much!


Leamonteach said...

Hi! I came here looking for info on the summer blouse. I'm also on try #2 with super cheapo fabric, but I am getting a little bothered by the gaps in the directions. I'm not a newbie sewer but I am baffled by the bias picture and directions. Sigh. Partly thinking I'll take out try #2 (on collar #2), give up my dream of wearing a NEW SHIRT to school tomorrow, and ask my local fabric store for help en route home. . . and the other part of me is determined to make it work. Hmmm.

If you go to the Heather Ross blog there are errata posts, and no one's yet mentioned the confusing neck! I think yardage is wrong, and the basting marks for the shoulders are missing, for starters! Funny we all love the book despite that.

Yours look great. Maybe I'll take out the collar and get ready for attempt #3, regardless. Your post was fun to see, anyway!

Bananas-For-Breakfast said...

After looking through the Weekend Sewing Flickr group I'm motivated to actually use a pattern from my copy of the book. After looking at the pattern I thought I'd need to shorten the sleeve and lengthen the shirt, I'm short so my arms are too, but I like longer shirts. Hopefully it works, definitely looking forward to starting my new project!