Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer Blouse - Take 1

I've been antsy to try the Summer Blouse pattern from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book. In fact, I purchased the book after seeing this blog post from Ashley because I loved her version so much. I decided to go for it Thursday night, but did not realize that the patterns that were included in the book needed to be traced. They could not be cut out, or you would destroy the other patterns, since they all overlap on large pieces of paper. Not a deal breaker, mind you, just something I had not caught on to while reading the book. I ran out Friday and got a dressmakers wheel and some tracing paper today and opted to use some thrifted fabric for my first try. Good call. I'm finally learning! While things are not perfect, here is my first try.

(Dave took the picture from a horrible angle below me... arg... or at least that is what I'm telling myself)

First off, I'd like to start out declaring that I do like this shirt a lot. This version does not fit quite right yet, but that is the purpose of a trial version, right? It went together fast (like an hour) and the book was easy to understand and anticipate.
Now my issues and/or future changes I'd make are as follows:

  • I did not have enough fabric to make the long sleeves, but actually I like this length. I would do it this way again probably....
  • I had to take in the sides a lot - I measured about 2 inches in from each side of the hem and then tapered it up to meet the normal sleeve. Before I did this modification it was REALLY bell shaped and baggy. I still think it is a bit baggy, so I think next time I'll take it in some more all over and a bit more length would/could help this too.
  • OK - the length...I had read on a few other blogs that people thought it should be a bit longer, so this was a dumb call on my part not to add a few inches. I was thinking that because I'm only 5'2" it would work on me. It is fine until I stretch - so I think next time I'll do about 2 more inches.
  • I'm not happy with the red bias tape, but was too lazy to make my own today. Since it was thrifted fabric, I was not caring overly much about how it turned out, but I may re-do this part so it is wearable. I actually like the country-esque fabric more as a shirt than I thought I would!
  • Lastly, the "placket". I wish I has used contrasting fabric, as the book recommended. It is a bit boring like this. Next version, I will probably modify this a bit as well, either to the "v" that Ashley did or zig zag stitch it up 3/4 of the way like I saw Erin do here. As of today, my bottom button is a bit wonky and it creates a bit of a gap. I plan to fix this when I fix the bias.... maybe tomorrow? We'll see...
All in all - good stuff and I am excited to try again, as well as fix this one up. You can see below that it stood up well to an impromptu wrestling match that broke out during my glamorous photo shoot!

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