Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sew What! Skirt

I have used the skirt patterns from the Sew What! Skirts book before, but that was a few sizes ago. The coolest thing about this book is you draft your own pattern - literally took about 10 minutes to measure myself and then mock up a piece of wrapping paper with my template. I was so excited because I could control the length. All the skirts currently living in my closet hit just below my knee (I am only 5'2" ) and I want them to hit just above the knee. Thought it would help me not look like calf girl.

Yes - the 6 year old was my fashion photographer again. Guess I should think of getting the feet ready for summer shoes... it has been a long, cold winter :)

I used some of the Tina Givens Zazu fabric I bought a while back - mostly planning to use it to accent other fabrics. Since I had few yards of it, I decided it would be a good trial skirt. Are you sensing the "trial" theme I've mentioned much of late? Guess it makes sense to try things out before using my favorite fabrics... I used the A-Line pattern with a side zipper. I think it is better than just a trial - it will make the cut!


Brooke said...

ARE YOU THERE??? Please, eat a ho-ho or a bag of chips or something, for fear that you might vanish!! No, seriously, you look GREAT!! and the skirt aint too shabby either :)

Leamonteach said...

Okay, so now that Sew What! book goes BACK on my b'day list. . . Skirt looks TERRIFIC!

And thanks for your comment on my comment (!) on the summer blouse. I *thought* I knew how to do bias taping but those directions and the teeny picture in the book did NOT help me make it, and even on my acceptable third try it is still not hidden. Thanks for the link. I still have a stupid/stubborn yearning to make The Perfect (spring) Summer Blouse and will probably try to find some discount fabric for try THREE tomorrow. Will check the link you sent too. Thanks again! Becky

ILikePaperCutting said...

I love this simple and nice A-line skirt.