Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Sewing from my new station

Thursday night, while Dave mourned the Gopher's loss, I buckled down to put together my new craft armoire. I turned this...

Into this....
The directions were fairly easy to follow, but there were a TON of pieces. After much hemming and hawing, we did opt to set up my sewing "station" in the entry way. Seems odd, but I actually love being in the middle of the house and able to hear what is going on. This wasn't the case when I was in my basement "cave". I also love walking into the house and INSTANTLY thinking about the things I can create! Finally, it will force me to clean up when I'm done. I'm not always good at this and I think it is much easier to start a new project when things are nice and organized.

An example would be these headbands. Found the tutorial a while back, but haven't had the time to build them. But, as claimed by Heather from the Blue Bird Studio, they really do take only a few minutes. Since craft land was all in order, I threw it together before dropping Rowan at kindergarten on Friday and wore it all day. I made her one too, but, par for the course, Rowan did not like it after it was finished... hmmm.... things are only going to get more difficult as she ages I'm guessing :)
Please ignore the gray hair...and the big fat man hand. How come it always looks like I have hefty fingers?? They are a bit square, but not that large...
I was able to also craft/sew a half apron for my sister in law Jody. She wanted a hand made gift for a friend's birthday next week. She chose the fabric and I used my same method from the Half Hula aprons, but did a square/rectangle pocket on both sides. The apron is reversible, with coordinating pockets. Imagine the other side, striped with paisley pocket... sorry, I did not take another picture. Oh, sorry for the busy rug as well. This would be best photographed on a clothesline outside, but I've as of yet convinced my husband that a clothesline is a good backyard aesthetic.
This (and the cozy below) went into the mailbox today. A day late from my plan, but still in good time for the birthday gifting~
I then matched the coffee cozy (tute here) to the apron. Used a vintage button from my stash. While I doubt they'll be "worn" together, this fabric is gorgeous. Love it.

Note ...I did just invest in 4 more packages of hair binders, since both the cozy and headbands used up my last pack. Bought a bit thinner ones this time - should work great! Who knew they were such a versatile craft medium??

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