Friday, March 27, 2009

Got my charming handbag!!

Hooray for the mail man... or woman, not sure who came today. Regardless, they brought me my Charming Handbag from the BTRS swap I joined. Traci from Portland made me the sweetest bag. I love it!

Now I'll gush about a couple things that made me extra happy with my charming handbag. I love that Traci wrapped the ribbon (which was velvet ric rac people... how cool is that?) all the way around the bag. While I did not add the ribbon to the one I sent off, I remember thinking as I was reading that part that I would not like such an obvious "front" to the bag, since I don't have my act together enough usually to pay attention to things like that. OK, that said, I love that on one side of my bag, there is a crocheted flower with buttons inside- adorable! So yes - technically my bag does have a front side, but not an obvious one that looks bad if it is backwards :) Traci added a magnetic clasp too- another necessity for me and greatly appreciated. I'm a bit clumsy and things tend to fall out when not secured from my bags. The fabric and colors she chose are great as well. Funny that my own daughter does not normally care for ANY fabric I purchase, but when she caught a glimpse of my new bag, she was all ga ga over it. I may have to hide this from her :)

Oh - and all my goodies....An embroidered felt needle book in the shape of a strawberry and needles. She must have telepathically known I need a place to store my needles, but have not gotten around to making one on my own...

Check out the beadwork on the needle book -I am SO excited to fill it with needles! A cute mini tape measure and a bracelet (which I have on my wrist as I type) were also included. Lucky me... thanks Traci!! I could not be happier with this swap!

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