Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charming Handbag - BTRS Swap

Since I've declared my love so publicly for my Bend the Rules Sewing book by Amy Karol, you will find it no surprise that I broke my "no swap" rule and participated in one where you create things from my Favorite Book Ever (well, I liked Little Women and The Thorn Birds too, but I'm referring to crafty books). Now, to clarify, my "no swapping" promise made in November of last year was not due to not liking the act of swapping - rather the overwhelming volume of things I have in the hopper to make for friends, relatives, etc. I still do have things lined up to make... but decided it would be fun to do just this one swap.... (ha!). The premise was to make the Charming Handbag from the book... here is my version!

Since Adrienne is the host of the swap (*THANK YOU* in case you visit here, Adrienne - love your crafting and your quote about not belonging in the 'burbs - I feel the exact same way!!) she already knows that I'm making her bag... so while I don't normally like to post until the package is received, I decided I'd do it a bit early this time. It is really going in the mail from the office tomorrow... I promise.

So - onto the bag itself. My partner let me know she has a love of bright, big prints. She stated a love for a few of the fabric gurus that I know and love as well, and I'm hoping that the Valori Wells Olive Rose fabrics I chose work for her as well. They seemed to fit the bill pretty well- both bright and big- and I think they made a fun bag! I modified the pattern a bit, as usual. I did not include the velvet ribbon, though I had it on hand. It just did not seem to work well with this print. I also added the clasp, button (vintage found in my antique sewing machine) and a magnetic snap holding the clasp closed. I think this pattern is adorable...while it is a bit small for my normal day to day life, I think it would be a great "going out" purse or perfect for those who don't have to haul Pull-Ups and Spider man around with them wherever they go.

We were to make/buy something crafty for around $5 as well, so I used this tutorial and made a pin cushion to go with the bag. I need to make myself a few of these too, they were quick and easy!

I then found some pretty pins from Joann's and some cute little mints (they say "Crafty Girl") on them and they seemed to want to belong inside this handbag and travel via US Mail to Adrienne's house. Fine by me...

I've got to run now - I've got fabric in the dryer for an apron that was commissioned by my sister-in-law as a gift for her friend. I'd like to get it all cut out tonight so I can sew it tomorrow and get it to her by the weekend. I had the main fabrics delivered on Monday, but did not get the tie fabric picked out until tonight. Thought I'd get to it earlier, but we are having a bit of an issue with frantic schedules and then the problem craft armoire that got delivered on Monday (this one here). I had moved all my crafting gear upstairs thinking it would be a slam dunk to put together and then I could get on with my crafting. Turns out it is in 1 zillion pieces. And we can't get the computer hutch (that sits where I wanted to craft) upstairs. Not that we did not try - and swear, and gouge holes into the wall. Oh, did I mention the swearing? So now we are waiting til the weekend to finish building it and decide where it will go. Dave thinks I could set it up in the entry way and sew. huh. Maybe he could play his guitar in the entry way and I could sew in his band's space. JUST KIDDING...or not :) For now I'm sewing on the dining room table since the former craft room was re-converted to the play room. Looks like I'm NOT going to be ergonomically correct for a bit...


Hermione J. Schwartz said...

Wonderful job on the bag! The fabric looks great and I appreciate you sharing the extra goodies. =]

Janellybelly said...

Hi Emily
I found your blog - Yay! As you know I am a fan of 'Bend the Rules Sewing' too, especially the Pleated Beauty Bag (I've just made my 15th). Love the swap bag you've made!

Adrienne said...

Emily... I LOVE the bag and all it's contents. And I totally feel your 'where to sew?' pain. We've recently moved and my sewing stuff is now jammed into our small 2nd bedroom with all of my husbands guitars. Perhaps they should go find their own space somewhere to jam and leave us in peace!