Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just a quick post to share some Valentine's Day love. These are the valentines Rowan brought to school this year.

We got the idea from one shared on The Crafty Crow by Mommy Coddle. We then borrowed a template from here and added in some hearts - well, lots of hearts. Rowan shares my crafty inclinations and we had fun making them. Griffin, on the other hand, was only appeased with the purchase of Super Hero valentines. Is it because he is a boy? Or am I only 50% effective in my goal of raising crafty, homemade lovin' kids? Hmmm... I guess we'll see.

Rowan wrote her classmate's names on the outside...

And signed her own on the inside. We then glued stickers to the top flap too.. but they are not in the pictures.

A final picture to brag up my hubby a bit, this is my Valentine's Day gift from Dave and the kids.
A Babylock Imagine! I'm giddy and terrified to actually do more than drool at the box and smile at this point. Lessons are included in the purchase, so I'm hoping that I'll eventually progress to where we can take it out of the box and maybe plug it in. For now, I'm content just to "Imagine" what I can make with it! HA! Um, for my non-crafty friends that read this blog, this is a serger. It means that I can make better things now... possibly as gifts for y'all :) It is a good thing.

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